Post Production, Editing and Motion Graphics

I Really don’t have a lot of pictures I can post of my work station. Seriously, I’m not posting a picture of my desk. Utilizing Adobe’s CC line of products (plus a few others) I am able to edit just about any type of video format available in today’s diverse market. From 8K red to 6K vLog my personalized PC is equipped to handle just about anything I can throw at it and I can access it from anywhere I have an internet connection. There have been many days where I was out in the field filming on location and over a quick break I have been able to make quick edits to an existing spot for a client.

As much as I battle with technology it truly is my bread and butter. I personally pieced together the hardware in this system to meet the high demands of today’s many formats.

To the right you’ll see where I do most of my work 😉